Frequently Asked Questions By Family Doctors

How do I refer a patient for an orthopaedic assessment at Rocky Mountain Health?

Download and print the Rocky Mountain Health referral form. You can simply apply the patient label to the referral form (ensure that the patient's full name, date of birth, address, phone number and PHN are included on the label). Stamp the referral form with the referring doctor's name, phone number and PRACID. Finally, give a brief description of the reason for the referral.

Fax the completed referral to (587) 356-0890.

Download Referral Form

Can I consult with an Orthopaedic Surgeon about a patient prior to sending a referral to Rocky Mountain Health?

A family doctor may submit a telehealth or e-referral request to a Rocky Mountain Health orthopaedic surgeon to discuss a treatment plan. The orthopaedic surgeon will contact you by telephone (for a telehealth request) or in writting using our secure e-referral system. Both telehealth and e-referral consultation request are insured services by Alberta Health Services.

Do you provide orthopaedic services for injured workers insured by Alberta Workers Compensation Board (WCB)?

Yes. We provide expedited orthopaedic asssessment for people who were injured while working. Rocky Mountain Health provides expedited orthopaedic assessment for injured workers.

Click here to learn more and to refer a patient.

Download WCB Referral Form

Does the patient pay a fee for the orthopaedic assessment?

When you make a referral your patient will be seen by an orthopedic surgeon and no additional fees will be charged to your patient for the assessment.

What kind of orthopaedic problems can I refer to Rocky Mountain Health for an assessment?

All orthopaedic complaints relating to the joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and spinal conditions whether surgical or not can be referred for an assessment by an orthopaedic surgeon at Rocky Mountain Health.

Do I need to order diagnostic images or do a work-up prior to referring a patient?

No special diagnostic tests, or examinations are are required prior to referring a patient for an orthopaedic assessment at Rocky Mountain Health. During the orthopaedic assessment at Rocky Mountain Health, the orthopaedic surgeon will determine what (if any) additional imaging is required.

Diagnostic imaging is available onsite.

What kind of communication can I expect from Rocky Mountain Health regarding patients I refer?

Family doctors will get a confirmation within 24 hours that the patient referral has been received. A Rocky Mountain Health booking coordinator will contact the patient to schedule the assessment. Once scheduled, we'll fax you a booking conformation with the appointment details for your records.

Following the assessment, we'll fax you an assessment report which will review the assessment findings and provided a diagnosis and recommendations.

Are there any orthopaedic issues that I cannot refer to Rocky Mountain Health?

We will see all orthopaedic conditions however Rocky Mountain Health does not currently accept orthopaedic assessment referrals for children and youth age 13 or younger. The Alberta Childrens Hospital remains the referral site for all children 13 and younger. Patients of all ages can receive physiotherapy treatment at Rocky Mountain Health.

Can I use my clinic's referral form to refer a patient to Rocky Mountain Health?

Yes, you're welcome to use your own referral form. You may also download the Rocky Mountain Heath Referral form. Be sure to include the patient and referring doctor information described above and fax the referral form to (587) 356-0890

What happens if my patient needs surgery?

If following an orthopaedic assessment with a Rocky Mountain Health orthopaedic surgeon, it is determined that the patient is a candidate for surgery, we ​will ​facilitate a referral to a surgical queue. Patient choice will be considered at the time of referral. A number of points will be considered in the referral process including geographic site preferences of patients. Patient choice ​is​ an important ​consideration at the time of referral. ​ If appropriate, patients awaiting surgery will receive a detailed treatment plan to help prepare for surgery.​

What happens if my patient does NOT need surgery?

Rocky Mountain Health will create a customized plan for each patient that will focus on the patient's goals including: rehabilitation options, outcome expectations and follow-up needs. Fitness and lifestyle treatment options including supervised weight loss programs are available on site.